“Eating well is essential.  To be nourished, is to be truly alive. Feed yourselves food and be WELL!”

Sometimes in our crazy modern world, it is easy to confuse stuff that is edible with real food.  Sometimes in our crazy world, it’s hard to shop well for food, and find the time to cook food we really love to eat.

Healthy Meals to Your DoorTM was founded by nutritionist, cook, foodie and busy mum, Lisa Cutforth.

Lisa completed her BSc.Hons in Nutrition and Psychology in Edinburgh, a certificate in cor don Bleu cookery in London and has been running a private nutrition practice for almost 10 years.  She is passionate about creating delicious, nutritious, sustainable food solutions for people in all walks of life.  Many of the recipes in her meal plans have been created in her own kitchen with her clients in mind over the years.

To bring Healthy Meals to Your DoorTM into life, Lisa worked closely with a nutritionist chef to create several 4 week rotational meal plans and recipes that were tasty, healthy, fresh, nutritionally balanced and that could serve different people’s needs and preferences.

The kitchen, based in Brisbane, is run by a nutritionist and chef and feeds over 2000 people a day.

As nutritionists and cooks, we only create food we would be prepared to eat.  Food that not only tastes great, but nourishes without doing harm.  We don’t add any nasty chemicals or additives to our food, we don’t use refined sugar, we keep our ingredients fresh, whole and as much as we can, food is prepared from scratch.  We source fish fresh and local, as we do our vegetables and produce, our beef and chicken comes from butchers we trust.

Our client’s rave about our food.  We hope you will too. It’s amazing how well you can be when you just eat real food.

At Healthy Meals to Your DoorTM, we only serve: “real food”.  And we take the hard work out of being healthy and give you more time to enjoy the things you love doing or hanging out with family.

Bon Appetit!