Terms of Service:

Our meals are cooked in a state of the art commercial kitchen facility, by qualified Chefs.

We pride ourselves in cooking quality meals for you using fresh healthy ingredients.


Please note that while we aim to be perfect, it is always possible we will make mistakes.  If we make a mistake with your order in any way, please notify us immediately and we will be happy to refund you for that meal.  Please take a photo of the error and email it to us.

If you have special dietary preferences we would like to be able to accommodate you.  We understand how challenging it can be to find healthy convenient solutions out there for people with special dietary preferences.   Our kitchen though, is not free from nuts, gluten, dairy or egg and so we can never guarantee that our meals will be either.

Please always check the ingredients panel and avoid meals that have ingredients in them that you shouldn’t be eating.  If we have sent you the wrong meal, we will happily refund you.  Please let us know immediately.

Please be aware that while we don’t add preservatives, artificial additives or flavours or cane sugar to our meals, we cannot guarantee all our ingredients will be free from these.  Sometimes we use ingredients e.g. mustard that may contain small amounts of the above in their ingredients.

If you have severe allergies to any items, please do not order our meals, we can not guarantee they will be safe for you to eat.


We use a combination of our trucks and external couriers to get your meals delivered to your door.  We would like to be able to give you rough time estimates for delivery because we know it helps you to plan your day, unfortunately though it is not always possible to control or predict delivery times.  Please bear with us as we endeavor to safely and effectively deliver your meals to you.  Delivery day is Tuesday.

Please note: When Monday or Tuesday is a public holiday, delivery will be Wednesday.

Please be aware if your order is delivered by an external courier, it is possible your delivery will be Wednesday and not Tuesday, we cannot control the traffic, or dictate delivery routes or days to external couriers, even though we wish we could.  If your delivery arrives on a Wednesday please check that your ice packs are still frozen.  The courier company should have refridgerated your meals on Tuesday if they failed to deliver them.  If your icepacks are not still frozen, please notify us as your meals may not be safe to consume.

If you have special delivery requests or preferences, please make them known.  We will try to accommodate them, where possible and reasonable.

Indemnity:  By ordering our meals you give us an authority to leave your meals.  If we are unable to leave your meals for any reason like incorrect delivery information, or unable to deliver or gain access to your premises, you give us authority to take your meals away and dispose of them.  Further, we cannot control and therefore be held responsible for external couriers decisions or logistics, and cannot refund for delivery issues that are outside of our control.

Any cancellations or changes are required to be done by Wednesday the week prior to delivery.  Cancellation may attract an admin fee of up to $40.

Food Safety:

Your meals are delivered in an insulated box with icepacks.  We advise you refrigerate (or “freezer” where appropriate) your meals immediately or as soon as possible.  We have tested that your meals should stay cold and safe in their insulation for at least 4 hours, though we cannot guarantee this or control this once we have delivered your food.  It is up to you to manage how you will receive and preserve your food once it is delivered.


We love hearing from you.  Your feedback is important to us, after all, you are the reason we do this.  Please let us know if you have anything to say, especially if it is something that we can do to improve.  If you love us, please share the love and tell others about us.

Wishing you health worth celebrating!

Lisa Cutforth

Size Fantastic, Nutrition and Psychology of Eating Specialist
B. Sc. (Hons) Nutrition with Psychology