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Nutrition and Psychology videos, e-books, meal plans and resources to help you make lasting changes.

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5 Day weekly calorie controlled meal plans delivered to your door (includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks) (Calorie range between 1200 and 1700 kcals/day).  The 5 day option offers you health, structure and convenience around your eating for 5 days of the week. And freedom and flexibility around the other two days.  (Two days of the meal plan are freezable or non perishable so you can choose when you eat them.)  (There is of course the option of a full 7 day plan if you feel more comfortable with that.)
Click below for an example of 5 Day Menu including breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 snacks a day: 5 Day Nutrition Plan
Fortnightly check in, support and accountability call from one of our health professionals (nutritionist, life coach or personal trainer) to see how you are going and to help keep you on track. You will also be included in our online support forum: closed members only Facebook group. Size Fantastic (TM) has grown into a community of like minded supporters.

Weight loss is not about dieting or exercising
until you collapse in a sweaty pile!
It’s about a way of life.

This course contains short lessons on nutrition, mindset, exercise, cooking demonstrations and how to change habits.

It also includes a class on Emotional Eating triggers as well as an important tutorial on the Mindset Factor Self leadership versus deprivation and willpower. 

You don’t need willpower, you need strategies. A restrictive diet that leaves you feeling deprived does more damage than good.  This program gives you tools for self leadership and nourishment rather than relying on will power and deprivation strategies.

The Habit Change Formula (TM): how to make and break habits, step by step practical explanation on the science of human behaviour and creating and breaking habits.
Video Tutorials by exercise physiologist showing you exactly how to exercise anywhere, anytime, any place to make it easier to move more often and become fit and toned (safely and effectively)
Practical Nutrition tutorials breaking down the key facts and important principles you need to know about eating to nourish and eating for sustainable weight loss.
Cooking demonstrations: Lisa cooks and prepares a few quick and easy dishes to help get you started in the kitchen.
Nutrition myth busting video tutorials: Finally someone to talk you through all the grey areas and all the nutritional “anomalies” so that you can settle on comfortable knowledge base and blur out the confusion and contradictions and white noise in cyber space.
Daily weight loss guided meditations and hypnotherapy to reprogram your un-supportive thought habits and give you a mindset makeover, so you can think yourself slim.
Worksheets, personal reflections and activities to help you gain useful insights into your own triggers, behaviors, values, needs and motivating forces.
Complete Nutritionally Balanced Meal Plan and nutrition based system for eating that can be easily and completely customised to suit your individual preferences.  So that you can learn how to eat properly, and you will be able to maintain your weight loss beyond this program.
2 day Meal Planner blank template for you to print out, personalise and stick on your fridge. Sometimes it is easier to plan two days in advance, though if you wanted to do 3 or 4 at a time, that is fine too!Recipe Book containing over 80 easy to cook, healthy and tasty everyday recipes and meal ideas.Shopping List template, so that you can quickly jot down your essentials and easily navigate your way through the supermarket maze and be super prepared for the days ahead.Food intake tracking template: Tracking what you eat helps to combat “eating amnesia” where you forget what and how much you have eaten. It also helps you to eat consciously, because you are more aware of what you are eating. Finally it keeps you accountable, there is a visable record (if you report honestly, which of course you would) or what you are eating, when and why and how much, which means it is easy to identify your eating patterns, check your progress and make changes if and where you need to, or ask for help.

Fully customisable Exercise Plans and strategies to suit your individual preferences and needs, and level of “busy-ness”.

Maintaining Change: Summary of making and sustaining change webinar live recording.

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