What shall I cook tonight? Yummy Lick the Pot Clean Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin Soup Recipe that the whole family will enjoy | www.healthymealstoyourdoor.com.au/beta

1. Oven Roast 1 Butternut Pumpkin Whole (about 180 degrees fan heat for about an hour.  The skin should start to turn brown and patchy and look “thin”.)

2. Bring 1 cup of orange lentils (rinsed well first) to boil in about 1/2 litre of vegetable stock.

3. Remove butternut from oven, allow to cool enough to handle.  Scoop out all the flesh, discarding the seeds and skin.  Add the flesh to the pot of lentils and stock.

4. Stir in a can of coconut cream.  Heat through.

5.  Once the soup is all cooked through.  Remove from heat and blend with hand held blender.

Garnish with fresh coriander, if you like.  Add salt to taste.  Serve with chunky oat or quinoa sour dough bread, or oat cake crackers.

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