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Meal Planning and Time Management - How To Simplify Your Life

'How are you not seeing this? Of course doughnuts are a hole food!'

‘How are you not seeing this? Of course doughnuts are a hole food!’ (Source Cartoonstock.com)

If only everyone could agree on what the perfect diet is, life (and eating) would be simple.  At Healthy Meals To Your Door we focus on whole foods.  We believe there is no “perfect diet” for everyone, and that is why we offer a range of different dietary preferences.  After all we are all different, why shouldn’t our eating habits be?

There is one thing we are certain about though, and that is that everyone is better off eating food in its most natural form, and that is why we put such an emphasis on whole foods.  It’s ok to eat for taste sometimes, it’s ok to eat for comfort sometimes, as long as you are eating to nourish most of the time.

At Healthy Meals To Your Door we like to help you take the stress and time out of ticking the “nourishing” box, for the majority of the time, so that you get your nutrition into your body, in delicious ways, and then what you eat for the other 20% of the time doesn’t threaten your health so much.

After all it’s not just calories that matter, it’s nutrients, and we like to jam as many into our meals as we can.

Because… Your Body NEEDS Nutrients… and a variety of them in order to function.  The more “whole” a food, the more nutrients it contains, packaged up in ways the body knows how to use.

If you can follow one rule of eating, let it be this:  Eat whole foods

Nutrient utilization in humans (the body uses and needs protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals and a bunch of other nutrients found in whole foods.)











Image Source: http://www.nature.com/scitable/topicpage/dynamic-adaptation-of-nutrient-utilization-in-humans-14232807#


Lisa Cutforth

Lisa Cutforth

Lisa Cutforth is a nutritionist, huge foodie, and owner (plus chef!) of Wholesomeness.

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