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Meal Planning and Time Management How To Simplify Your Life

As a nutritionist, one of the biggest challenges my clients report about eating healthy meals every day, is the time it takes.

It takes time to plan, shop, cook, wash dishes, and if you haven’t got the ingredients you need, or you haven’t planned for what’s for dinner or lunch and you have to start from scratch every day, chances are it feels overwhelming.

Many people live full and busy lives, and there’s an insurmountable task list already before adding cooking and eating into the day.

Unfortunately stressed people don’t make good food choices.

Stress increases our tolerance for fatty foods and increases our preferences for sugary foods, so if you start to make decisions about what to eat at the end of the day, or when you’re hungry, chances are you’ll make decisions based on taste and gratification not just on nourishment.

Additionally, there’s another psychological phenomenon at play called decision fatigue. The more decisions you’ve had to make through the course of the day, the more tired you get of making decisions and the less likely you are to make well-considered decisions.

In other words you have a limited capacity to make good decisions. This can affect the decisions you make about what to have for dinner at the end of the day.

You’re much more likely to give into a request or trigger (marketing signal) for junk food on the way home if you’re tired, had a long day, have already had to make a lot of decisions and are hungry or have hungry family members waiting for you at home.

Eating healthy, is not just about planning a menu, shopping for ingredients, it also takes time to cook and then clean up, and eat.

This meal delivery business was started because a few desperate clients pleaded with me to not just give them a meal plan, but to please cook it for them.

And so, that’s why we do what we do. We understand it takes time to plan a menu, shop for ingredients, cook healthy delicious options from scratch, plate up and clean up… and so we do this for you… so that all you have to do is order your meals, heat and eat.

The time saved is not the only benefit, the effort, and the ego depletion (decision fatigue) is also spared, giving you mental and physical energy to focus on other things, as well as nourishing your body optimally😊

We love the meaningful work we do for people living their lives, and we love how what we do can both simplify your life and maximise your nutrition. It’s why our chefs and nutritionists go to work… it’s rewarding to know we are doing good in the world and we know this work frees you up to do more of your good work in the world too.

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